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Managing Partner & Director of Education

Vinny Madera grew up in Brentwood, New York and moved to West Haven to finish high school. He attended the University of Connecticut and received a BA in Mathematics and Statistics. While at UConn, Vinny tutored Statistics as an undergrad — a job normally reserved for graduate students. From UConn, Vinny went on to receive his MSc in Mathematics from Fairfield University, graduating with a near perfect GPA. He was the recipient of the coveted Robert Bulger awards for passion and excellence in Mathematics and even guest lectured one of the courses he was taking!

Vinny is the founder of Varsity Mathletes (www.varsitymathletes.com), a company whose aim is to put the "A" back in math. In addition, he is an educational consultant and the National Math Content director for GenZ Test Prep (www.genzonline.com) , a revolutionary academic and test prep company.  Vinny has a book on mental math (See you later, Calculator!) awaiting publication, which he specifically designed with the Connecticut Speed School in mind. To date, his greatest mathematical achievement was finding how to work more than 168 hours in a week... In his free time, he dotes on his wonderful daughter and lovely family.


Tests Mastered Tier   Academic Tutor Tier
SAT — all sections     Any Undergrad Math through Multivariable Calculus  
ACT — all sections     Any High School Math  
SAT Subject Math Test (Levels I & II)     Any Middle School Math  
AP Calculus AP and BC     Statistics  
AP Statistics     Study Skills  
GRE & GMAT Math      Mental Math  
LSAT Logic & Games        
HS Admissions (ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, etc.)         
ASVAB Math