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Most Recent Full Course Results
  • Number of Students: 8
  • Minimum Score Improvement: 70
  • Maximum Score Improvement: 280
  • Number of Instructional Hours: 28
  • Average Score before Course: 1120
  • Average Score after Course: 1249


Our courses were specifically designed by Vinny Madera—a leader in the test prep industry. Over the past few years, Academic Advisors has worked with countless students and many have been accepted to every Ivy, the NESCACs, Stanford, Duke, and many other prestigious universities and colleges; around 80% of the students Academic Advisors works with raise their scores to the ranges required by their first-choice schools.

Each class is taught by an expert in his or her respective field who has scored in the 98th percentile for all sections of the SAT/ACT or 99th percentile if only teaching one topic (Math, Critical Reading/Writing or Science). Furthermore, each instructor goes through a rigorous LIVE training process lasting close to 50 hours; we do not train teachers via training manuals or pre-recorded videos like many other companies

We think that we have a very common-sense approach to the test. Rather than focusing on the "tricks" of the test like many of the major companies, we have found that students who know the content, approaches, and strategies to the SAT maximize their potential. What we are doing must be working—average score increases for our full courses are 160 points for mid-scoring students. By the way, this is on REAL SATs, not fake tests that inflate scores from the first to the last test.

We have many different options to fit the needs and schedule of your child: full courses that teach all three sections of the test (Critical Reading, Math, and Writing) or four for the ACT (English, Math, Reading, and Science), a shorter, 15-hour course that hits all the major points for the Critical Reading and Math, a 15-hour Math (and Science for ACT) only course, and a 15-hour Critical Reading/Writing only course. Each course features at least three full SATs from College Board or three full ACTs from ACT so that students become familiar with the testing process and build up the endurance to take this marathon test. 

We also are one of the few companies to offer a high-scorer course. Designed for students already in the 90th percentile, this course will focus on the most difficult content on the test and the advanced strategies students need to boost scores when almost all of the test comes easily. Students must test into these courses. A diagnostic test, a real SAT or ACT, or PSAT results must be submitted prior to the class beginning; student admission is left to the discretion of the Academic Advisors team. 

In addition, each student will receive

  • A detailed score report after each test to help us gauge areas of improvement.
  • A comparison of the student’s scores to colleges and universities that the student shows interest in.
  • Personalized plans of action for each section after the second test.
  • All necessary materials for the course (except for calculators, if needed).
  • Discounts on individual tutoring for anything test-prep or academic related for one year after course completion.
 What Course Should I Take?

 Picking the right course is the first step towards success. We recommend that every student first take a diagnostic SAT or ACT (or both!) to assess strengths, weaknesses, and starting scores. From there, we can talk you through your options and identify the best fit for your particular needs.

In general, we recommend the following to those not taking diagnostics:

Full or Partial Course Content-Specific Course High-Scorer Class Test/Class Tests-Only Individual/Small Group Tutoring
Score Range:

900-1250 (SAT)

18-26 (ACT)

Similar scores across sections
(no outliers)

Freshmen or Sophomores looking to get ahead

Students with a weakness in one particular topic

Students who are already in the 90th percentile

Students looking to go into test knowing general strategies

Students who want to be aware of their mistakes before taking an administered test.

Students working through content on their own and want proctored tests

Students looking to get detailed score reporting for self-study

Students with tough schedules

Students with scores below 25th percentile

Students above 95th percentile.

Full/Partial Courses

Upcoming Events & Classes (by start date)

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on any of the following offerings.

Free Test Day! Email us for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

December 2017 Full SAT Prep Class - September 24th to Novemeer 26th—$699 (plus tax)

This class is designed to prepare students for the August 26th SAT. Classes will focus on all content areas based on the needs of the class from diagnostic assessments. In general, 28 hour classes feature around 10 hours of English and Reading instruction and 18 hours of Math instruction. This class will not use any instructional time on the Essay, but will provide supplementation for students who need essay work. 

Content Specific Courses

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (203) 298-4277 to find out more about the next class offering!

Test/Class Courses

Call for more information

Diagnostic Testing $99.00 (LIMITED TIME-SAVE $50! Only $49)

Full length SATs or ACTs are instrumental to understanding how you will perform test day.

We offer FREE testing on the third Saturday of most months. Free testing is done on a first-come, first-serve basis and we retain the right to not allow a student to test for various reasons. 

If our free testing dates do not work for you and you would like to see how you fare on a test, take a fully proctored test during our normal business hours.

In addition to the test, you will receive a full score report outlining all areas of strength and weakness as well as how your scores measure up against those of last year's applicants to four colleges or universities of your choosing. You will also get a complimentary Q&A session with our Educational Director to discuss the results and determine any ways to maximize score improvement. 

To register for a diagnostic test, please use the following form: REGISTRATION

Only people who have registered will be allowed to test. 

(Direct registration link without pop-up: http://breakoutathlete.com/index.php?option=com_rsform&view=rsform&formId=8