The Most Revolutionary Nutrition Program Available!  Nutrition has always been an important focus of our curriculum here at the Connecticut Speed School. In fact, nutrition is at the base of our "foundation of fundamentals;" playing an integral role in all facets of our student-athletes' development. 

Glen Tobias, one of the leading sports nutritionists and dieticians in the country, is our director of nutritional services.  Glen works with people from all walks of life from NFL superstars, elite college and high school athletes and UFC professional fighters, to child diabetics.  The Connecticut Speed School has always offered nutrition coaching but admittedly, to varying degrees of effectiveness. 

Enter MealLogger!!  Connecticut Speed School partnered up with MealLogger in 2012 to deliver what we believe to be the most effective nutrition coaching program available!  MealLogger was the missing link that now easily connects our athletes to our nutrition coaches via an interactive, affordable and fun software application.  

MealLogger is a game changer at every age group!  What better investment can we make in today's children than instilling healthy eating habits and behavior?  Maintaining mental focus throughout the school day, increasing relative body strength, improving speed... these are just a few of the advantages our members are enjoying by working with Glen through the use of MealLogger.

TO FOLLOW US... load the MealLogger App on any smart device (iPhone, iPod, Android etc)... set up your profile and Search for Connecticut Speed School's online communities under FIND A GROUP.  We have a "Members Only" community which you can FOLLOW (only CT Speed School members can join).  You can JOIN or FOLLOW our other "Healthy Eating" communities.  To Join, simply REQUEST MEMBERSHIP under that respective CT Speed School community.  Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click the "MealLogger Account Setup Tutorial Link" to participate in our interactive online nutrition communities. 

  • Thank you for all that the Speed School team has done for Arkeel--from athletic performance, college exam prep, nutrition and making an overall positive impact on his life. --Matt Roscoe
  • My boys love coming to Speed School. And I love the positive and productive environment you deliver--exactly what they need at their age! --Eric Fekete
  • Nick has taken advantage of just about every program and service you provide. You surrounded us with important resources throughout Nick's high school development. Make no mistake--you played an integral role in his gaining admission to Yale. My sincerest thanks! --David Crowle
  • John & Tom, Thank you for all that Speed School has done for Michael. Coach Vinny, Coach Tom and the rest of your staff are OUTSTANDING and truly made a positive impact in his life. --Rodney Milliard
  • Will has been coming to Speed School since you opened. Coach Pitney and the rest of your staff are like family. Thank you for providing outstanding guidance and resources.  --Bill Rotko
  • I would like to thank Coach Brockett and his coaching staff for putting together a spectacular football camp.  This camp is what football is all about.My two sons and nephew participated in the camp and they couldn't believe how much fun they had.  They were able to run plans and have full contact scrimmageseveryday.  This is what they love about playing football and this is what the camp is all about.  We attended a few camps this year (Hudson Valley camp in Wappinger Falls, NY, Marist College Red Foxes camp in Poughkeepsie, NY and Notre Dame camp in South Bend, Indiana) and none of them came close to what Yale had to offer.  Yale taught kids technique and how to run plays. My kids loved your camp. They were excited to learn. Your camp is by far the best camp they ever attended. We will definately be returning next summer and will be promoting and recommending that our AYF League (Southern Dutchess Patriots) participate. --Joe Flaccavento
  • THANK YOU Speed School! You guys have provided Jake (Yale football) and CJ (Georgetown softball) with fantastic resources, and Linda and I are very grateful! --Doug Semones 
  • Thank you for all that you do for James, Nu Kwan and Joey! Speed School is an important part of our lives. --Jim Sansone
  • Coach Brockett, your QB Elite training is second to none. Matt traveled up and down the east coast to work with QB coaches and your staff and program are at the top. Speed School is the BENCHMARK. Thank you! --John Valecce
  • John, I am incredibly impressed with the line up of lacrosse coaches on your staff! Fekete, Delia, Poli, Mariano, Talbot...very impressive. They do a great job! And I love the student-athlete development model you guys provide. --Sean McGinley