Coach Sheehan, Director of Strength & Conditioning at Columbia University is nationally recognized for his expertise in strength & conditioning as well as in the efficient movement patterns of athletes. Coach Sheehan trains professional and collegiate athletes and teams (most recently the Cleveland Indians & San Diego Padres) throughout the country in developing efficient athletic movement. The essence of sport comes down to movement and Coach Sheehan's movement training curriculum (MTS) gives our athletes the necessary foundation needed to reach their full athletic potential. Coach Sheehan explains, "Initially, strength, reaction and timing are emphasized in the feet. The body is then trained to respond in synchronized motion. The student-athletes gain balance, explosiveness, quickness and efficiency in the execution of sport-specific drills. Balance is the key component to improving performance. We implement a system that has researched human movement and athletic performance for the last 15 years by specialists located in Denver, Colorado. This system develops the movement patterns to create an on-balanced condition every player must have in order to reach his potential."

Coach Sheehan is in his second decade at Columbia, his 16th year as Director of Strength and Conditioning. In that position, he supervises a staff in all aspects of strength and conditioning for Columbia University’s 29 intercollegiate teams. Tom graduated from the University of Rochester where he is one of the finest offensive players in the University of Rochester’s gridiron history. An All-American as a junior and senior, he twice earned All-ECAC and all-conference honors. He ranks among the Yellowjackets’ all-time leaders in every receiving category, and topped the list at the completion of his playing career in receiving yardage for a game (189), season (835), and career (1,982). In 2005, he was inducted into Rochester’s Athletics Hall of Fame.