Investing in Today's Youth, Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

BreakOut Athlete (BOA), through the comprehensive curriculums of Academic Advisors, BreakOut Athlete, and eliteRECRUITS build healthy and strong children, a strong athletic foundation, an awareness of life's unlimited opportunities, and an inexhaustable spirit in our young student-athletes to best prepare them to compete and excel in their lives at the highest level.

BreakOut Athlete was founded to give today's youth and young adults as many advantages as possible to be successful in life. As you navigate around our website you will see that every program or camp is designed to empower and educate our student-athletes in critical areas of their development. From an athletic performance perspective our School was founded to fill an overlooked, but tremendously important void in the development of today's young athletes. In our current society instant gratification resulting in premature sport-specialization is becoming more and more prevalent in youth sports. For example, walk through any sports complex in the spring and count how many young children are swinging bats and trying to catch and throw baseballs and softballs. Yet many of these young athletes are not physically-fit, never learned how to properly run or jump or proper balance and body control. The bottom line is that we as a society are not effectively developing our young athletes with the necessary foundation needed to reach their full potential. BOA's proven methods build a solid athletic foundation in our athletes to best prepare them to go on and compete in their respective sports at the highest level.

(Pictured below, L to R) Three BOA members share a special experience at Yale-Harvard game; Arkeel Newsome congratulated by teammates after TD; Big Bro-Lil Laxer members before a training session; Issac Vann makes a big impact in his first season at UMaine, earning Rookie of the Conference honors. #HardWorkPaysOff


Comprehensive Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum offers so much more than athletic performance training. Our Educational Programs, led by master instructor Vinny Madera develop competence in mathematics, the language arts, and other cognitive development through our educational enrichment programs, including chess, mental math & logic. Our best-in-class SAT/ ACT prep programs, coupled with our private tutoring services complete the services of Academic Advisors. The practical application of the skills learned while playing chess are the same skills necessary for academic excellence and lifelong success. BreakOut Athlete delivers what we call our "360 degree developmental approach" for student-athletes between the ages of 7-24. Our staff and network of coaches, athletic trainers, teachers and other professionals are leaders in their respective fields; and bring a passion and sincere commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of our student-athletes. We trust you will find everything you are looking for at BreakOut Athlete... and then some! 

The following essay ...And Then Some written by Carl Holmes accurately depicts BreakOut Athletes' approach to youth development and the life lessons we strive to teach.

...And Then Some
These three little words are the secret to success. They are the difference between average people and top people in the world. 
The top people always do what is expected...and then some... 
They are thoughtful to others; they are considerate and kind...and then some...

They meet their obligations and responsibilities fairly and squarely...and then some...
They are good friends and helping neighbors...and then some...
I am thankful for people like this, for they make the world more livable. Their spirit of service is summed up in these three little words...and then some.

We respect the enormity and the importance of successfully developing and empowering today's youth on all fronts, not just athletically. Our community of professionals implement years of experience building winners on the athletic fields, in the classroom and in society. Our success is only possible by instilling discipline, commitment, leadership, sacrifice, hard work and integrity in our student-athletes. Our passion and commitment is to give today's youth every advantage possible to be successful in life. Contact us anytime to discuss our programs.

Our Facilities

BreakOut Athlete offers two conveniently located performance centers, located in Milford and North Branford, CT. Our Milford location is a 12,000 square foot state-of-the-art training facility complete with a turf field, batting cages, athletic performance & strength room, classrooms, and athlete TV lounge. Our North Branford location is 7,000 square feet with cutting edge training equipment that helps get our athletes to the next level. Call us today to schedule a tour.  Our facilities are safe, productive and inspirational destinations for today's youth and young adults.

Athletic Performance Equipment by: 
Sorinex  -  Eleiko  -  Iron Grip  -  Keiser  -  VertiMax  -  Tendo  -  UCS  -  Rogers Athletic  -  EliteFTS  -  JUGS - Brower Timing Systems - Shoot-A-Way Gun 8000 (Basketball)